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Certified HAFA Temecula Short Sale Agent

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$10,000.00 x 3 for my Temecula short sale clients | 951-217-6745

$10,000.00 x 3 for my Temecula short sale clients | 951-217-6745

This month has been a good month for my Temecula short sale clients and tenants. I have been able to get 3 short sales approved via the Federal HAFA short sale program. That means at the closing I will be able to present $10,000.00 to each of them. In one of the properties the current tenant is getting the check. The check comes from the U.S Treasury as relocation assistance to the sellers or tenants,who ever is living at the property. 

Short sales are still a 90 day battle to get approved,but still the short sale is one of the best options available when facing a foreclosure. The short sale offers you control in a situation where you can no longer afford to stay in your home and you’re unable to sell it because you owe more than it’s worth.  

Now in late 2015 short sales are no longer the norm, if fact short sales now account for less than 15% of the home sales here in the Temecula and Murrieta area. This has been the trend in most all states. Equity is returning to most areas and the short sale market is fading fast. Most major lender have laid or transferred their short sale staff to other departments. This has made getting short sales even harder and sometimes longer to get too approval.

If you find yourself or know someone needing a Temecula short sale specialist give us a call at Realty Works 951-217-6745. There is never any out of pockets costs to our clients needing our short sale services. We will check with your lender to see if you’re eligible for the $10,000.00 HAFA relocation incentive.  


Are Resetting Mortgages causing more short sales in 2015?

Yes,just when it looked like it was over for short sales they have picked up again inpart due to many homeowners not being able to afford the large raise in their mortgage payment.

This time the number one cause is unaffordability. Many homeowners that 
were given a loan mod 5 to 10 years ago are now getting letters from their lenders 
with major price adjustments to their house payments.

These price hikes are large and are now forcing homeowners to default on their payments and seek help from their lenders for a second or third time. This time most homeowners are finding that the lenders are no longer willing or able to help. So they must sell or face a foreclosure. While the option to sell maybe your best solution many homeowners find that their homes value still have not increased enough to repay the mortgage if sold today at current market value.

This is why in 2015 we are now seeing the come back of another option the short sale. Just when it was looking like short sale were going to be a thing of the past. Mortgage resets are causing a come back of the short sale process here in 2015.

A short sale is a solution to avoid foreclosure. A short sale will allow you to market and sell your home even thought you owe more the the current market value. You will net ZERO Dollars,but you avoid foreclosure and can remain in the home during the process which is taking 3 to 4 months to complete.

Here in California at the end of a short sale you are released of the mortgage in full and the lender can not come back after you for any deficiency. Plus you are NOT allowed to pay any costs of the short sale including agents commission. 

Short Sale Symposium at Sea – Aways Learning.

Short Sale Symposium at Sea – Always learning

by Sidney Kutchuk

Always learning, I attended the Short Sale Symposium at Sea this week. I was able to meet and talk with some of the best short sale agents and trainers
in the USA. I was asked to speak on a panel. Thats me in the middle with Lee Honish & Brandon Brittingham. Always learning,this way I can stay on top as the best Temecula Short Sale Specialist.

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Realty Works Temecula – Broker Sidney Kutchuk –Temecula Short Sale Agent – 951-217-6745

Sidney Kutchuk | April 27, 2013 at 6:48 pm | Tags: Short Sale Symposium | Categories:Temecula Short Sale Agents | URL: http://wp.me/p24A2i-ey

Temecula short sale changes in 2013 | 951-217-6745

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Fannie, Freddie align short sale guidelines for 2013

by Sidney Kutchuk

Fannie, Freddie align short sale guidelines for 2013.” Source C.A.R.” Calif Assoc of Realtors.
C.A.R. has long advocated for a streamlined, standardized short sale process, and yesterday changes were announced by the FHFA that will align guidelines for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac short sales and allow lenders and servicers to quickly and more easily qualify borrowers for a short sale.
Here are some specific changes that are effective Nov. 1, 2012:
  • Eliminates current Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac short sale programs and creates a single standard short sale process for both entities (Fannie and Freddie HAFA programs will expire at the end of the year).
  • Enables servicers to quickly and easily qualify certain borrowers who are current on their mortgages for short sales without waiting for an approval from Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac
  • Offers special treatment for military personnel with Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders.
  • Standardizes and clarifies foreclosure suspensions on a property with an approved short sale.
  • May pay borrowers up to $3,000 in relocation assistance.
  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will offer up to $6,000 to subordinate lien holders to expedite a short sale.
Additionally, FHFA clarified that a borrower experiencing a hardship must wait at least two years before becoming eligible for a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan.
These changes follow FHFA’s announcement in June that established strict timelines for servicers to respond to short sales within 30 days of receipt of a short sale offer, provide weekly status updates to the borrower, and communicate a final decision to the borrower within 60 days of receipt of the offer.

Sidney Kutchuk | January 1, 2013 at 2:55 pm | Tags: 2013 Short Sale Guide | Categories:Fannie MaeFreddie MacTemecula Short Sale Agents | URL: http://wp.me/p24A2i-d0

Short Sale update from Bank of America

Published September 12, 2012 in Temecula Short Sale Specialist - 0 Comments

Short Sale Agent Update

Sept. 12, 2012
Short Sale Relocation Assistance Program:
Your clients could receive $5,000 to $30,000 in relocation assistance 
Your financially distressed clients want to avoid foreclosure. You want to help them. So do we!


That’s why Bank of America is excited to offer enhanced relocation assistance. Qualified homeowners who initiate a Preapproved Price Short Sale (without an offer) could be eligible to receive $5,000 – $30,000* in relocation assistance and owe no more on their mortgage with the sale of their property, depending on the investor involved. 

Don’t miss this limited-time offer to get your distressed clients the help they need by initiating a Preapproved Price Short Sale today at agent.equator.com. 

Determining your clients’ eligibility is easy:

Once you initiate the short sale at agent.equator.com, we will quickly evaluate the homeowner to determine if they qualify for the enhanced relocation assistance.

The homeowner must participate in one of the Preapproved Price Short Sale Programs, such as:

  • HAFA (Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives)
  • Bank of America’s Cooperative Short Sale Program

Specific investor participation and eligibility criteria do apply to these programs.

Homeowners not meeting eligibility requirements for the enhanced relocation incentive may still qualify to receive $2,500 – $3,000 in relocation assistance from government- and bank-sponsored programs.

About Sidney Kutchuk

Temecula Short Sale Specialist and Real Estate Broker. Sidney Kutchuk Realty Works Temecula 41720 Winchester Road #I Temecula CA 92590 951-215-6745


You should talk to a Temecula Short Sale Agent if…

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You should talk to a Temecula Short Sale Agent if…

You can no longer make your mortgage payment.
Need to sell your home but can’t due to current market values.
Have to relocate due to job change or military service.
Your near retirement and need to downsize.
Due to divorce or court order you must sell your home.
You have  given up on real estate and want out.

Call a Temecula Short Sale AgentBottom line if you need to sell your Temecula home for most any reason in todays market
you should talk to a Temecula Short Sale Agent at Realty Works Temecula.
I am a Certified Temecula short sale specialist
and I make it easy for you to talk to me. Call me direct on my cell at 951-217-6745 

by Sidney Kutchuk broker and Temecula Short Sale Expert

Temecula Short Sale Expert at Realty Works | 951-215-6745

Just Listed by Sidney Kutchuk Temecula short sale specialist.


Temecula Short Sale Agents | 951-215-6745

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Temecula Homeowner thanks Realty Works Temecula – Temecula Short Sale Agents

Duane Kemp –

If you are reading this you are probably in the same situation I was not to long ago. I spent hours researching short sales and looking for a real estate agent that had experience with short sales. They all say they have short sale experience but how do you really know? Well I’m writing today to tell everyone that Sidney and his team are experts in short sales. He guided us through the process in an exceptional and thorough manner. He had several strategies to selling our house and was able to secure a qualified buyer with a two hour open house. There were no more showings or open houses needed. Our privacy and daily routine were not interrupted. All documents were done through his office with minimal requirements from us. We are very thankful for Sidney and his exceptional team for helping us short sale our home. Duane & Paige K, Temecula, CA 92591

Social Media helps spread the word that I am a Temecula Short Sale Agent.

Published March 17, 2012 in Temecula Short Sale Specialist - 1 Comment

{EAV:5266f1918f7070e5}  Temecula Short Sale Agent 

Certified Temecula HAFA Short Sale Agent

Avoid Foreclosure

Last year more clients found me via my Social Media Sites like Twitter,Facebook and my blogs.
I continue to look for low cost high impact ways to get the word out that I am a Temecula Short Sale Specialist.

A short sale is an option for homeowners who find they can now longer  keep their homes and want to avoid foreclosure.

Contact Sidney Kutchuk for FREE no pressure answers to your short sale questions  951-215-6745