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CHASE Bank $30,000.00 Short Sale Letter.

CHASE Bank $30,000.00 Short Sale Letter.

This is the letter mailed to a CHASE mortgage holder (homeowner) in the Temecula CA area.
They were facing a foreclosure very soon.
They chose to work with Realty Works Temecula. With over 18 years of short sale experience they were the clear choice to work this short sale.

CHASE offers homeowner $30,000.00 to do a Temecula short sale

Update! Realty Works was able to get this short sale approved and Real Estate Broker
Sidney Kutchuk was happy to hand this Temecula homeowner a $30,000.00 check at the
close of escrow!

Temecula Short Sale Agents at Realty Works Temecula – 951-217-6745

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