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HAFA 2012 update link

Published April 20, 2012 in HAFA Updates - 0 Comments

HAFA Short Sale Update – 2012

HAFA This Supplemental Directive amends HAFA policy as follows and allows servicers to implement such changes immediately: 

There are no longer any occupancy requirements for HAFA eligibility;

 Section 7.4, Chapter IV of the Handbook which states that the amount of the monthly mortgage payment during the term of the SSA, Alternative RASS or DIL Agreement must not exceed the equivalent of 31 percent of the borrower’s monthly gross income is amended to allow a servicer to accept a full payment, if the borrower requests to make a full contractual payment in order to stay current on the loan

 Section, Chapter IV of the Handbook is amended to increase from $6,000 to $8,500 the amount a servicer may authorize the settlement agent to pay from gross proceeds to subordinate mortgage holder(s) in exchange for a lien release and full release of borrower liability.

  Borrower relocation incentives will be limited to HAFA short sale or DIL transactions where the property is occupied by a borrower or a tenant at the time the SSA, Alternative RASS or DIL Agreement is executed and who will be required to vacate the property as a result of the short sale or DIL. Servicers must determine if a property subject to a HAFA transaction is occupied by a borrower or tenant who will be required to vacate and may only authorize relocation incentives for such occupants. Servicers must ensure that the HUD-1 reflects a payment to the borrower or tenant, when appropriate.

Supplemental Directive 12-02 Page 19  The requirements in Section 11.2, Chapter IV of the Handbook related to credit bureau reporting of HAFA transactions are amended as follows:  If the real estate is sold for less than the full balance owed and the deficiency balance is forgiven, report the following Base Segment fields as specified: Account Status Code = 13 (Paid or closed account/zero balance) or 65 (Account paid in full/a foreclosure was started), as applicable.

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