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Short Sales for Seniors

Published November 14, 2011 in Short Sales for Seniors - 0 Comments

Short Sales for SeniorsShort Sales for Seniors.

This month the bulk of my short sales have been helping client’s that are nearing
retirement. These sellers had all reached the same conclusion. They all had wonderful homes that they all loved, but could see that they had to come first,not their homes. Their homes had all taking a nose dive in value and they where all saddled with vary large mortgages.

The short sale was the solution that let them all sell their houses and move on with their life.
What the short sale achieved for them was huge. They all knew that they would never see their home values returning to any were near what they owed, and with the new short sale laws they would not have to worry about the lenders seeking a deficiency judgment.

Along with the short sale approvals many of them also received $3,000.00 from their lenders for their cooperation during the short sale.

I’m a senior myself and have also be through a short sale with my home.I know how to guide you through this most difficult type of real estate transaction.My service to you as your short sale agent is always free.

I am a certified short sale specialist with 16 years of experence,and I specialize in Short Sales for Seniors.


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