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Published January 26, 2011 in Bank America Short Sales - 0 Comments

Short Sale Shift

Hi, and thanks for stopping by our website. We are Minneapolis / St. Paul’s premier short sale agents. We just attended a conference in Texas that incorporated some of the upper bank executives and short sale specialists in the industry. We are always searching to learn more and advance our short sale procedure. With the volume of short sales that we do, we have the ability to get into meetings like this. High level forums like this are very important to short sale specialists. Sarah actually stayed in the Twin Cities area to deal with some of our Minneapolis / St. Paul short sales, but in the forthcoming, with our developing staff, we will both be attending these constructive meetings.

Bank of America was on the panel at this conference and they are making a drive to get their method streamlined through Equator, which is an online short sale software. With approximately 50% of the purchasers backing out of short sale transactions, this is causing lots of properties to go to foreclosure. B of A is looking to fix this problem by looking at other purchasers more quickly. This will improve the Minneapolis / St. Paul short sale method for home owners.

Since we have a lot more practice with short sales in the Minneapolis / St. Paul locale and with our methodical negotiation procedure, the second buyer gets into the mix much earlier. Our skill with Minneapolis / St. Paul short sales keeps us well above that 50% failure rate. This is not the case with most short sale realtors. It is merely one illustration of how we can assist you better.

If you have added questions in relation to your Minneapolis / St. Paul short sale, please feel free to make contact with us. You can make contact with us through the chat function on our blog or give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to helping you answer your Minneapolis / St. Paul short sale questions.

Minnesota Short Sale Shift can answer your questions. We are Minnesota’s Foreclosure Avoidance and Short Sale Specialists.

Get more help from short sale Realtors, Josh and Sarah, at Short Sale Shift presented by the Short Sale Specialists of Minnesota

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