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Choices To Avoid Foreclosure

Published February 16, 2011 in Bank America Short Sales - 0 Comments

Sold By Short Sale

Today, I would like to talk about a frequently asked question. There have been countless Phliadelphia/Wilmington, DE homeowners who have asked me, “What do I do once I can not afford to pay my mortgage anymore?” Generally when potential clients ask that question they are embarrassed, dismayed or discouraged. They have come to a situation where they can no longer afford their home. It brings them a feeling of defeat and distress. Let me tell you this. You are not alone.

At the moment in the Phliadelphia/Wilmington, DE locale 20% of the houses on our market are Phliadelphia/Wilmington, DE short sales or Phliadelphia/Wilmington, DE foreclosures, and that amount is growing. There are a lot of reasons why this occurs. Loss of job, reduction of take-home pay, divorce, medical expenses, disability, and even overspending can trigger this situation. In spite of of the position, you do have options.

You are not a deadbeat. Deadbeats are people who throw away money with no intention of paying it back. Lots of Phliadelphia/Wilmington, DE potential customers have gotten themselves trapped in the economic decline.

As i chat to prospective Phliadelphia/Wilmington, DE short sale customers, the hardest thing to defeat is their dismay in this situation. You are not alone and you have alternatives. You do not have to be disturbed by the bank while you are at work or with friends. You can give all of that strain to us. We are eager to take your property on as a Phliadelphia/Wilmington, DE short sale if you qualify and the good news is, a large amount people do meet the requirements.

With a brief and basic phone meeting we can inform you if you qualify for a Phliadelphia/Wilmington, DE short sale. We are prepared to negotiate on your behalf with the bank. Just fill out a form on our website, phone us, or attend one of our information webinars on our website.

Philadelphia Sold By Short Sale can answer your questions. We are Philadelphia and Wilmington Foreclosure Avoidance and Short Sale Specialists.

Get more help from Philadelphia short sale Realtor, Matt Fetick, at Sold By Short Sale presented by the Premier Short Sale Realtor in Philadelphia and Wilmington

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