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HAFA Plan Offers Little Success

Published February 13, 2011 in Bank America Short Sales - 0 Comments

Short Sale Shift

Good morning everyone. Thank you for coming to Short Sale Shift. We are Sarah Willman and Josh Pomerleau, Minnesota’s premier short sale realtors. We are in our new office where all of the magic happens. So, you may hear a little construction like we do. Hopefully that does not distract you as it doesn’t keep us from completing short sales.

We would like to speak to home owners and people in the Minnesota vicinity that are considering short sales, on the subject of HAFA. HAFA is a government plan that stands for Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives. There are a few good things about the HAFA program from a conceptual approach. The idea behind this government plan was a good one. Nonetheless, it doesn’t work as you will see with the figures that we are going to present to you now.

We do try to put our Minnesota short sale clients through the HAFA plan since there are some incentives for the lender and some great incentives for the home owner also. Nevertheless, the results of utilizing the HAFA program have not been promising. So, much of our achievement with Minnesota short sales comes outside of the HAFA plan.

The figures are extremely frightening. Since the HAFA program came out in April, there have been 340 short sale packages closed through the HAFA plan. There are probably more than a million short sales that have been completed in that time, but just 340 have been completed through the HAFA plan. That is far from the victory that the government was hoping for.

If you are in the Minnesota region and thinking about a short sale, please contact us today. We can help you dodge foreclosure. You can also check out the chat tool on our website for quicker access. Thanks for tuning in!

Minnesota Short Sale Shift can answer your questions. We are Minnesota’s Foreclosure Avoidance and Short Sale Specialists.

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