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Looking For Affordable Real Estate Properties To Invest In?

Published April 18, 2011 in Bank America Short Sales - 3 Comments

Are you searching for affordable properties to invest in? Baltimore foreclosures should be on your list if this is the case.

Foreclosed properties are actually homes in which the owner is unable to make mortgage payments and the bank has decided to begin the process of repossessing the home.

But before these homes will be listed in the MLS or Multiple Listing Service, it has to pass all the foreclosure stages.  The bank is not interested to hang onto the property so they sell it in order to get back the money they have lost.

The first stage is the pre-foreclosure.  This is where the owner receives a notice of default saying that the owner has missed paying his/her mortgage for several months.  Within this period, the homeowner is given 2-3 months to refinance the loan or sell the home as a short sale.

If the homeowner can’t do all the options given, the bank schedules an auction, which is the next step in the foreclosure process. Foreclosed homes for sale SLC are sold ‘as is’ to the highest bidder. The homeowner still has the power to stop the auction especially if s/he has the money to pay for the remaining loan balance.

There are some cases where a property failed to sell at an auction. In this case the property enters its last destination where the lien holders are paid through private mortgage insurance. The property, also known as REOs (real estate owned), is now owned by the bank and it will be listed in the local MLS by a real estate agent.

There are several rewards when you want to purchase foreclosed properties.  Aside from having a wide array of foreclosed property options, the purchase price is much more affordable than the comparable homes in the market.

However, one disadvantage is that you cannot negotiate for the price especially if you bid for it in an auction.  Foreclosed Real Estate Chester Springs PA are sold ‘as is’.  In other words, what you see is what you get.  If you see some structural problems, then it would be part of your purchase and you can’t lower down the price.

If you think that the price of the home is much higher than the price that you can afford and somehow it does not match to its condition, you should be ready to withdraw and look for another home.