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Thinking About Working With An Attorney On A Foreclosure?

Published January 21, 2011 in Bank America Short Sales - 0 Comments

If you’re struggling with possible foreclosure on your home, there are a number of reasons why you may think about hiring a foreclosure attorney to aid you through the process. Obviously, for a lot of individuals, doing so isn’t even actually a consideration due to the cost involved. However, for those who can afford it, working with an attorney might supply numerous advantages over navigating the process by yourself.

Reason 1: Working With the Bank

First, think about the reality that the banks will without doubt have a plethora of lawyers at their disposal to pursue your foreclosure case or trustee sale. Most of the time, bank used attorneys won’t take calls directly from a borrower, but could be more very likely to speak with the borrower’s legal representation. They speak the same language and know the regulations of the game, while the borrower usually does not, and so hiring an attorney can sometimes make the process of communicating with the bank a little more productive.

Reason two: Prevent Being Taken Edge Of

A second reason why working with an attorney might be worthwhile throughout foreclosure is that it can pay off to have somebody familiar with your state laws examine all of the documentation and ensure that proper procedures are being came after. Banks may sometimes make use of the fact that borrowers generally do not completely recognize all the rules of the foreclosure process. If you have an attorney to review things, back you up, and object if you are not being treated fairly and in accordance with the law, you could be fewer probably to experience an devious practices by the bank.

Reason 3: Buying More Time

One more consideration is allowing oneself more time to reestablish income, arrive at a resolution with the bank, and retain the home. While it can frequently cost many thousand dollars to hire legal representation in the course of a foreclosure proceeding, doing so can often stretch the situation out for many more months, allowing a borrower to save more whereas still in the home, and lengthening the time in which an agreement might be worked out with the bank.

Reason four: Superior Loan Modification Prospects

If you’re seeking a loan modification, having an attorney on your side may lead to better modification terms. As an example, if you pursue a loan modification on your own, you may just be able to secure a temporary modification. If an attorney helps with the process, on the other hand, it may be achievable to secure a permanent modification to the loan.

At the conclusion of the day, determining if to hire an attorney might just be left up to the cash involved. If you’re already behind in making your payments, it may not be an option for you to come up with the fees to pay for legal representation. If you have the funds, nevertheless, having an attorney in your court can provide you with a variety of really helpful benefits.

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