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Who Might You Employ To Deal With Your Short Sale?

Published March 9, 2011 in Bank America Short Sales - 0 Comments

Orlando Short Sale Expert

Today I wanted to speak about what you should look for when you are considering hiring somebody to carry out your Orlando short sale. I’m assuming that if you have discovered this blog, you are considering a Orlando short sale and doing some exploration on who to employ.

The first thing that you should note is what percentage of a realtors business is short sales. Most realtors do not want to do short sales and may only do a few short sales per year. It takes lots of skill to be successful completing short sales. That having been stated, all of our business is short sales.

Another thing that many people think about is giving their short sale listing to a friend or relation. Yet, the same rule applies at this point. You have to make sure that whoever is handling your short sale has understanding. The bank is losing lots of cash and it takes a certain amount of expertise to complete a Orlando short sale. You really need somebody that has understanding.

Another thing to beware of is investor groups that might come to you with a hard cash offer. Then they will ask you to sign an option contract and proceed to market and sell your home without having any ownership interest in your Orlando house. It is a very grey area in our trade and it is extremely unproductive. So, if someone comes to you with a hard cash offer, be very guarded. Personally, i would stay away from any agreement like that.

If you would like additional information on Orlando short sales, click on our free short sale package. There is no obligation, but it is a very useful package. It will provide you an inside look at Orlando short sales and how it works.

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