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Working With Short Sales Through A Divorce

Published January 25, 2011 in Bank America Short Sales - 0 Comments

Sold By Short Sale

A number of of the people that we help throughout the Philadelphia & Wilmington, DE locale owe more cash on their house than it is presently worth. A few of these people are dealing with Divorce. Divorce is always a complex thing. It is a distressing time and can be a very tough process because you have two groups involved, as well as attorneys, family members and many diverse perspectives. Ultimately, most times the sale of the marital property is required. A lot of people have put off selling their Philadelphia & Wilmington, DE home because of divorce, hoping that the market would perk up. By now you may own another house or be living in another place and you realize that the marital property needs to be sold. In talking to a Philadelphia & Wilmington, DE realtor, you will probably find out that your home is worth less than what you owe.

What do we do? There are more than a few options. Commonly, in divorce situations, the short sale is the best option. Unless one of the groups in a divorce desires to keep the home and try to complete a loan modification, a Philadelphia & Wilmington, DE short sale is usually the best option.

The good thing is, we are familiar with how to deal with this situation. We can help talk with your ex- spouse even if you are not communicating with them. We supply you with a function that permits you to log in online and see what is going on with the sale of your Philadelphia & Wilmington, DE property.

If you are facing a divorce situation where you have to short sale your Philadelphia & Wilmington, DE house, give us a call. We have options for you and experienced team members that can help you get through this challenge.

Philadelphia Sold By Short Sale can answer your questions. We are Philadelphia and Wilmington Foreclosure Avoidance and Short Sale Specialists.

Get more help from Philadelphia short sale Realtor, Matt Fetick, at Sold By Short Sale presented by the Premier Short Sale Realtor in Philadelphia and Wilmington

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