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Published June 14, 2012 in Temecula Short Sale - 0 Comments

Temecula Short Sale Homes are a good buy.        | 951-215-6745

by Sidney Kutchuk

I am seeing Temecula Short Sale Homes starting to receive multiple offers and price increases.
This is happening due to a shortage of inventory/homes now available to Temecula homebuyers and investors.

I also see that more buyers and their agents are accepting the fact that Temecula short sales homes are well worth the wait for the short sale to be approved. An average Temecula Short Sale approval is taking 4 months to complete, and fewer and fewer short sales are failing. I personally see a 95% success rate on my Temecula short sale listings.

Another positive factor with our local Temecula Short Sale market is that almost all the major lenders such as Bank of America and Chase have streamlined the short sale process and continue to shrink the time needed to complete a short sale.

I see the major lenders making a large effort to help correct the real estate market by offering large incentives to both sellers and buyers in a short sale transaction.The results of these incentives is that the inventory of distressed and underwater properties turn faster and we can return to a standard real estate market in a shorter time with less foreclosures.

Temecula Short Sale Homes are good buys,don’t ignore large this segment of our real estate market. Call or email us at Realty Works Temecula for more details.

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