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Harveston Lake,Temecula CA 92591 – A great place to call home.

Published May 3, 2014 in Temecula Short Sale - 0 Comments

Harvesten Lake in Temecula CA 92591

If your thinking the Temecula or Murrieta area is going to be were you want to call home, check out Harvestion Lake. This is the development I chose to call home. Let me share some of the things I enjoy living here in Harvestion. First you will find people of all ages living and enjoying Harvestion Lake. From young families to senior citizens. Harvestion Lake 2005

My son Adam and his family also picked Harvestion Lake as the place to raise their family.There are many great schools,day care,parks and pools for them to enjoy. Below is a picture of Adam and my grandson Cody who caught his first fish here at the lake. No fishing permit is needed. The lake is stocked with fish and the rules are catch and release. No keeping the fish.

FIshing at Harvestion Lake 

One of the focal points here at Harveston Lake is the Lake House. This beautiful building is over 8,000 square foot and can be booked for weddings and parties. Walking around the lake at night is an extra treat as the area is all lit up along with the many trails and buildings.

Harveston lake - The Lake House


Next to the lake house there is a large pool and spa.There is also for the young kids to enjoy a water fun park.

Harvestion Lake - Pool

They are still building new home here in Harvestion and the resale market is very strong. We have small homes and town homes,senior living areas, to large 3,000 + square foot homes. Most lots are small in size but there are many common areas to enjoy including one of Temecula largest sport parks were you can see the families enjoying the large grassy area or the kids playing baseball and soccer. This is a great area to fly kites as we have a nice breeze come through most every day. The air qualty is great. There is just to many great things about this area to put in this post,but guess what? I am a Realtor and would be happy to show you around Harveston Lake,that is unless Iam on my scooter riding around the lake.

Realty Works Temecula - Sidney Kutchuk - Broker

Contact me if your thinking about coming to Harveston Lake here in Temecula CA. I am the broker here at Realty Works Temecula. Sidney Kutchuk 951-217-6745 or email 

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