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Short Sale a home,rent a home.

Published October 11, 2010 in Temecula Short Sale - 0 Comments

Short Sale it,Rent it.A fear I hear often from clients asking me about the short sale is were do we go? Who will rent to us. If we short sale our home,can we rent a home? Who will rent to us? Will it be a problem? NO,no & no. You need to know that property managers want your business.Yes most property management firms know you are one of the best bets to occupy and take care of a rental home. Your most likely to stay two years or more in a rental and then want to buy again. If we treat you right, and with the respect you deserve your going to use our services to buy again when your ready. It’s a win win. So don’t worry when making that tough choice of doing a short sale. Get out of that overpriced home that is eating up all your resources and rent. You will be surprised at the beautiful home you can rent today for about half of what your struggling to pay on your overpriced mortgage. Home prices will continue to down trend for a long time and then stabilize. You will have plenty of time to get back into homeownership.

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