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Short Sale Banks love to Play Games with sellers in distress.

Short Sale Banks love to Play Games with sellers in distress.
Banks playing games

I am working with a large bank trying to save my clients Temecula home from foreclosure via a short sale.
The banks negotiator is playing games with us,she has three times given me a verbal counter offer each time asking for a higher sales price. The buyer has agreed twice to go along only to now be told again quote”the file is under review” and guess what they now for the third time are asking for more money. This time they gave me a net price that must be met.They don’t care were to extra funds come from (hint COMMISSIONS). Well the home was a good buy but now it’s no bargain and the buyer is walking from this short sale.

Short Sales should not be a game for the banks to play.I take my job serious and so should the banks.I now have to go back to the bank and work thru their broken short sale process. I will save this home from foreclosure via a short sale it’s just going to take longer than it should. Games banks play

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