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July 2020
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Certified HAFA Temecula Short Sale Agent

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The short sale process – In 5 EZ steps – A thumbnail view for home sellers.

The short sale process – In 5 EZ Steps – A thumbnail view for sellers.

The Short Sale ProcessSellers want to know what is the short sale process.
How does a short sale work?
Can I short sale my house?

Yes you can,the short sale is a process that I Sheppard my clients through from beginning to end.

1. We consult and you decide if a short sale is YOUR best option.
2. You provide me with the supporting documents your lender needs for a short sale.
3. I list your home and find a buyer.
4. I negotiate with your lenders and get you an approval with NO deficiency owed.
5. We close escrow and you receive a check for $3,000.00 from your lender.

This whole process takes 4 months and yes of course there are many more details to a short sale..
My message to you is this. Think about it. A short sale can set you free and allow you at a second chance at
home ownership.

You have to start at #1. (above)

Email me or call me for a free,no drama,no pressure,real hour consult with a real Short Sale Specialist.

This is my personal cell number that only I answer and if I don’t its only because I am helping another client with their short sale,so please leave me a message.

The short sale process is one I know well. 18 years of short sale experience.
Certified HAFA Short Sale Specialist. 



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