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Temecula Short Sale Homes vs Bank owned Homes. 951-217-6745

by Sidney Kutchuk

Temecula Short Sale Homes vs Bank owned for sale Homes. 951-217-6745

When you are looking for a home to purchase and time is the most important item on you list the choice is clear the Bank owned home, It can be yours and closed in 30 days or less.

But on the whole the better buys are the many Short Sale Homes

on the market. These homes are highly discounted. I order to get that discount you need to be patient and make sure you are working with a experience short sale specialist. Most short sale sellers are being offered an incentive to cooperate through the sale so at the end of the short sale your will have a clean non-damaged  bargain home.

So don’t let your real estate agent steer you away from the bargain a Temecula short sale home can be.

We have a team of agents helping Temecula and Murrieta short sale clients. These are good buys and we help the sellers move on and get a fresh start. We help Temecula and Murrieta homeowners that need the best short sale help with no out of pack costs

Call the Short Sale Team at Realty Works to buy or sell a short sale home. 951-217-6745 


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