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Temecula Short Sale Specialist and problem solver.

Temecula Short Sale Specialist and problem solver.

A lot is written on the subject of the short sale,but I see little written about the families

When I get asked by a seller to help them with the short sale I try to offer them more.They have conceded the fact that they can no longer keep the house but were do they go short term and long term to live?

Most seller already have a plan laid out.Most just what out of the bad loan.If the loan mods offered would ready reduce principle and interest,no way would they be talking to me about the short sale.Back to the plan.The plan I see the most is get the home sold via the short sale and rent a home for two to three years.Then get back into home ownership.

houseRenting is not bad,and in most cases the home they can rent is the same or better and at half the price of the mortgage they are happy to leave behind.Our realty company offers property management.We have been able to help find rental homes for many of our clients going through the short sale.Its good to help them and it’s good for business as we are now selling homes to the clients who we helped short sale their homes three years ago.

Always look at the long term picture.Turn a negative to a positive.Hire a Temecula short sale specialist & problem solver.

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