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Temecula Short Sales are getting shorter!

Good News! Short Sales are getting Shorter.

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Three weeks ago I told you about how I started submitting my Temecula short sales with Bank of America electronically instead of the old way.The old way…. collect all required documents,fax them to the bank,call the bank,the bank states they don’t have them and would you please re-fax them.Then once they do have it I called every week,waited on the phone and answered the same questions over and over again.Rinse & Repeat.Maybe after 2 months of this I would get the privilege to be able to talk to a real person that could make a decision,we call these people negotiator’s,I don’t know what to call all the others I have had to talk with previously,but stupid comes to my mind.This is a broken system and takes 3 months to complete.What a waste.

The new way….way better.Log into Bank America and request your short sale to be processed on line via the “Equator” System.I have entered 5 of my clients into this system in the last few weeks and already received 2 approvals with out ever having to call or talk to the stupid people.Its working!Short Sales are getting shorter,3 weeks not 3 months.I like it.I hope to see the other banks follow Bank America’s lead.

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