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The short sale process is sad & silly. PART 2 “The Question”

Published March 20, 2011 in Temecula Short Sale - 0 Comments

The short sale process is sad & silly. PART 2 “The Question”

I am back on the phone attempting to contact the lender to start a short sale for my client.
As to not bore you with bad music on hold,I will fast forward. The lender is now on the line. Hello this is
is Barbie whis XYZ bank,this call is being recorded who do I have the pleasure of talking with. My name is Sidney Kutchuk
I am a short sale specialist and I need to submit a short sale package for my client Mr Seller. Ok MR. Kuchek what is the loan number. It’s Mr.Kutchuk and the loan number is 123456789. OK Mr. Kutchaak can I put you on hold for a minute while I review the file,OK.  -waiting      ——-    waiting  bad music come on the line, more waiting…….. Hello Mr.Katchup I don’t see a 3rd party letter on file for you. Yes it’s there please look again you will see my letterhead at the top of it. Realty Works Temecula.

OK Mr. Katchuk I see it.Great. Before I can help you I need to confirm some information. Here we go this will be the first of and I am NOT kidding. I will have to go through this drill every time,over 100 times! Ok here is her question. the question

Mr Kepthuk what is the full address of the property? ba ba baaa babbabbabababababb. does the seller live at the property? Ba BA ba. What is the last 4 digits of the sellers SS# xxxx. Thank you Mr.Ketchup now how can I help you. I am calling today to confirm that you have received my clients short sale package. Let me check for you,may I put you on hold again. OK, waiting,waiting more waiting ……..bad music….. waiting… Mr Kucheck I need to transfer you to our short sale dept. OK more holding  waiting…. bad music   ….waiting    CLICK the line is dropped, I think AT&T must be servicing all these lenders they keep dropping calls. I have to start over. This is not a joke,this is what really goes on when we try to get through to the lenders to get our clients short sales approved.  OK I take a break an try again.  PART 3



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