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The Silly & Sad short sale process. Part 1

Published March 20, 2011 in Temecula Short Sale - 0 Comments

The short sale process is sad & silly and even stupid at times. But you have to work with the system.

Once I have done all my front end work which is: Get the listing and supporting documents from the seller. Complete the short sale package with a good buyer and bingo the short sale is now ready to go to crazy town (the lender).

First thing the lender wants is for the agent to secure a document from the seller called a 3rd party authorization. This allows me to talk to the lender on behalf of the seller. OK, this makes perfect since so far. We must fax it to them and wait 72 hours for them to accept it into their system. OK,but why can’t I just email it to you Mr. lender and you would have it now, not 72 hours later. time

OK, it’s 72 hours later and if you’re lucky the 3 party letter is in the lenders system and they will now take your calls.

My first call goes something like this: Ring Ring ring ring – lots of ringing – hang in there it will be answered. It’s answered – I am happy! Hello this is xyz lender we are recording our phone calls for our records & training is that OK? Yes, who an I speaking too? My name is Sidney Kutchuk and I am a short sale specialist calling for  my client to start a short sale. OK, what is the loan number please MR.Kutchuk. The name is Kutchuk and the loan number is 123456789. OK,  Mr. Kuccock just one minute while I check the file – may I put you on hold for a minute? OK (here’s where you get to enjoy some really bad music on hold)…..holding…….holding…………..more holding………holding………….line goes dead. THEY HUNG up on me!!!

OK, I can see right now I am going to have to break up this blog into a series. This is all true stuff and it may take many blog posts to show you now silly and broken the whole short sale process is. Stay tuned for part two!



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