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Upgrade to FiOS – I did and I am upset & I don’t get upset easy!

Published March 3, 2011 in Temecula Short Sale - 0 Comments

Upgrade to FiOS – I did and I am upset & I don’t get upset easy!

Last month I was lured to switch to a more expensive service with the promise of a super high speed internet conection and great phone service. 
I was a happy Vonage phone customer. I had great service for my business and at a super low price. But I lusted for more speed and bandwith on the internet. I signed up for Verizon FiOS internet and phone service. Was it a mistake? Read on…

My FiOS was installed Feb 23rd 2011 as advertised and the I got my super fast internet connection WOW it is FAST! Now the bad part..

They ported all my phone numbers so I was able to keep all my same numbers that I have had for over 10 years.That was a must! I have 3 lines two voice and one fax line. My order was simple or so I thought. I requested that if line one was busy for calls to go to my line 2 and keep the third line a fax only line.Verizion calls this feature call hunt. With Vonage I was in control of this feature and could change it at will.

Well Verizon got my hunting order wrong. If line one was being used calls are routed to my fax line. This was noticed right away while the tech was still in my office and I was assured it would be corrected by the end of business that day. Ok I understand, and went home a pretty happy camper.

Fast forward to today. 7 days later and endless calls to Verizon and now I am super UPSET, still not working!! I can not bore you with all the details as it is just unbelievable.  FiOS
I was told today it should be corrected by March 7th, unbelievable!

Upgrade to FiOS – I did and I am upset & I don’t get upset easy!  Please feel free to repost/Twitter/Facebook this blog maybe Verizon will hear you. 

Verizon can you hear me now? 




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