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Why Short Sales Fail – Procrastination a short sales worst enemy,

Published February 19, 2012 in Temecula Short Sale - 0 Comments

My next Temecula Short Sale may be all over by tomorrow!

This home has a sale date set for tomorrow.
The owner has been calling me for weeks asking all the right questions about what is a short sale.
Now finally the day before the bank is about to foreclose she calls me at 5:30 PM asking me can I list her home via the SHORT SALE?

She been trying to modify her loan and was denied.

I know this would be a long shotTemecula Short Sale Agent, Cyber Sid

Well I told her I would give it my best and got her lender in the phone via a 3 way call.
Yes this is at 5:30PM while I am doing a walk thru with another client and YES the bank answered
the phone. The seller gave the bank permission to let me talk and I got them to give me till tomorrow
to fax them an offer and then maybe they will not take it to sale. That’s all I needed to hear from them.
Like a mad man I finished the walk thru,rushed home, entered her home on the MLS, CraigsList & my and started blogging all about it.

Ran out to the home took photos, put up a sign and emailed all needed forms to the seller.

Back home I took a pause to eat and waited for offers while watching America’s Got Talent on TV.

Lucky for me this home is in a very sought-after area and I priced it like the Repos in the area.
It’s now 10:00 PM and my inbox already is getting agents asking for details and I have had
two sign calls. I am positive I will have offers tomorrow and just hope the seller comes thru with
the required data I will need to fax the lender.

Tomorrow will tell if I can save another Temecula home….Stay tuned!!!! 


I got the banks to put off the foreclosure sale date,got a great offer,had the banks ready to issue the short sale approval letter,looking good right!
Well the banks,(yes there of course were two loans here) needed some more information from the seller prior to issuing the approval letter and the seller did not respond in time. 

This home was sold by the bank due to seller procrastiation.  



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